The reason I sell my books separately, and after your wedding. I do this for a number of reasons, starting off is choice, if I include a photobook in my package you aren't choosing a type of book or page quantity yourself, therefore I don't include them as I feel it should be all about what you want as every couple is different. Secondly I feel selling a book after the wedding allows you to come to a better decision, based on budget, book quality and even page quantity after you've seen your photos and know roughly how many you'd like in an album. Thats where the online gallery helps, being able to view your wedding photos on screen and create favourites lists will really help you decide how many photos you love so much that you'd want them in a wedding album, this is something you cant do before your wedding.

I'm Pleased to say that I offer both budget and luxury wedding albums to meet all budgets. Both the 'budget books' and the 'luxury albums' offer great quality and neither are 'cheap' whatsoever, just great value for money. If you're looking for that cheap and cheerful book that is high quality then the budget book may suit you, if you're looking to go all out with a book that makes you say wow, and really has a wedding feel to it, then the luxury VIP Photographic books might be for you! On top of this I offer the popular GraphiStudio books, although stunning are very pricey and start at around £300, to view these visit, and contact me for further details.

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Luxury Wedding Albums (VIP Photographic Seamless Layflat Photobooks)

VIP Photographic Seamless Layflat Photobooks use 440gsm Fuji Photolustre DP2 professional photographic material. Available with matt laminated picture cover or faux leather cover with laser etching option. The inner pages are photographically printed with no visual break in the spine, images run seamlessly across spreads. Black linen presentation pouches available. VIP Photographic Seamless Layflat Photobooks are the ideal option for sharing cherished memories in a professional Photographic Layflat Photobook that will last for generations. The VIP Photographic Seamless photobook offers a truly professional finish. The seamless Layflat photobook is photographically printed onto Fuji Photolustre DP2 professional photographic paper. Each page is reverse mounted and flush trimmed, the combined thickness of each leaf is 440gsm.

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