Do you cover my area?
I am based in the Midlands and cover within a 50 mile radius free of charge, however, I travel nationwide for an additional charge of 50p per mile beyond the 50 mile radius,
and possibly the cost of accommodation should I be a very long way away from my home. To clarify, thats 50 miles there, 50 miles back, so you get 100 miles free of charge.

Are you available internationally?
Yes I am available anywhere in the world, as long as you organise and fund transport and accommodation, additionally to this I add a 10% charge onto the price of my packages, due to most likely being away for more than one day.

How much deposit is required?
To secure me for your special day, I require just a £200 non-refundable booking fee, which will be deducted from the price of your chosen package. The remaining balance can then be paid via cash, bank transfer or debit card, which is to be paid one month prior your wedding date.

Do you take instalments?
Yes, you're more than welcome to pay the balance at any point, in full or in instalments.

Are you insured?
Yes, I'm fully insured for professional photography work with a company called Kamkit (E&L Insurance), including public liability. If your venue need my insurance details, just ask!

How many photos do we get?
You get every single photo taken at your wedding day, all individually edited, for full day coverage this is most often between 600 and 1200 images.

Isn't 1200 photos too many?
Maybe so, however, I personally think it is only fair for my brides and grooms to get all photographs taken on their wedding day, who am I to delete an image and say you won't want it? Therefore you get all images for you to do whatever you like with, even if you delete some, or make a folder of your favourites, at least you won't feel like you've missed out on anything.

How do we purchase photobooks if they're not included in a package?
I always encourage my brides and grooms to purchase photobooks after the wedding, that way you can have a better understanding of desired page quantity and even book quality, I offer the stunning GraphiStudio photobooks (visit which are a little more pricy but worth the money at around £350 upwards. My new range of photobooks is now available, with the quality of GraphiStudio but a fraction of the price starting at £150, see my photobook page for more details.

Also you get shared copyright ownership of all the images you receive which means if you know where and how, you're more than welcome to produce your own photobooks.

How long do you stay at my wedding?
I have two full day coverage packages, my Deluxe Package is up to 10 hours, and my Ultimate package is up to 12 hours. You are able to add extra hours at a rate of £100 per hour should you wish me to stay even later or get to you even earlier.

What kind of photos do you take?
I don't have a set style that I enforce on my brides and grooms, I leave it up to you, if you want posed photos all day long, we can do that, if you don't want to pose for a single photo and want me to document your day in true documentary style, then thats okay too, and anything in between, it really is down to you as a couple. But I'll always try to give your wedding the natural look, with interaction between the bride and groom we avoid emotionless posing and look as in love as you actually are.

How many photographers do I get?
At the moment I shoot every wedding on my own, unless my clients ask and pay for a second photographer, I have many great professional photographer friends that second shoot for me and I love working with them, but at the same time, It's not vital to have two, in fact I cover a wedding day really well and more often than not I do Bridal & Groom preps before a wedding.

How do I book you?
The best way to book me would be to contact me, to arrange an informal meeting, whether it be in the comfort of your own home or to the local pub, so we can discuss your day in detail, allowing you to view my full portfolio. If you're happy with what you see online, you're more than welcome to secure your date via bank transfer and meet at a later date. Don't hesitate to contact me! Click 'Contact Me' for all contact details

What happens if I lose my memory stick after the wedding?
It is advised that once you receive your wedding photos you back them up to 1 or 2 other storage devices, this way you'll be sure you won't ever lose them, however I will keep a copy of your wedding photos for many years to come just incase the unthinkable happens, this does not mean I am liable for holding your wedding photos, as stated it is your responsibility to back the images up.