About us
First of all, thank you for visiting my website and having the time to read through this!
My name is Dan and I'm 25 years old, I live in Kingswinford with my beautiful fiancé and my three beautiful daughters, and two crazy Cocker Spaniels.

Enough about my personal life, let me tell you a little bit about me as a photographer.
In 2011 I first picked up a camera, I started shooting landscapes and wildlife, my love and passion for this made me think, why don't I turn this into a business? So I did, in 2012 I started working with a few local photographers attending weddings and being a second photographer, I absolutely loved it, for photography and for the experience of being part of someones special day, after 6 months of experience I started on my own, since then I've shot over 35 weddings a year, and now numbers have grown I now photograph between 40 and 50 weddings per year thanks to my brilliant Bride & Grooms that I'm so thankful for.

For me this isn't just a job, its a hobby and a passion that I'm so grateful for!

Why us?
There are many reasons I could list as to why you'd choose me as a photographer, having photographed over 200 weddings already, I feel I'm new enough to this brilliant journey to still have so much passion for what I do, but I'm also experienced enough to know all the beautiful ins and outs of a wedding day. Which is important on the biggest day of your life!

Something that sets me apart from the crowd of photographers you'll see all over the internet and all over wedding fairs you'll see from my photos that I really capture the setting and location of the wedding, my style is to use outdoor flash photography, this allows me to capture the bright blue skies or sometimes cloudy skies as well as having the bride and groom beautifully lit, this is something that not every photographer incorporates in their work, you may be used to seeing wedding photos with bright white skies with no detail or colour. Its not to say I won't get a couple of shots like that, because sometimes that can look awesome, but I'll always try and capture the detail in the sky and show your wedding day for how it truly happened. (Check my work to see if you can figure out what I'm talking about if I'm confusing you with all this photography talk!).

When it comes to posing I like to keep it as natural as possible, almost as if you aren't posing really, just engaging with each other and being happy is always my first choice, some couples like to be posed specifically which is absolutely fine too, but I always go for the natural look first.

I dont hide anything. I'll happily show you a full wedding, and I always encourage the couples I meet to view a full wedding, (want to view a full wedding online? let me know and I'll send you the link) that way you know that my work as a whole is of high quality! To add to that I also won't delete any of your wedding photos, I deliver every single photo because I have nothing to hide, often photographer will only deliver 300 or so images because they wouldn't want anyone else to see the other 700 that they take due to the quality of them. I cant guarantee you'll want to print a canvas of every photo I take but at least you have the option to view them all!

I’m fortunate to photograph beautiful weddings at amazing venues across the UK and even Europe, however as a recommended supplier at, Pendrell Hall, The Mill Barns & The Ashes Barns its a pleasure to be at these venues on a regular basis and get to work with the brilliant staff at these amazing venues! You can find these venues at: