Mavic Pro


Yes, I bought a drone, one of those awesome things that flies through the air and records in stunning 4K and taking RAW images. 

I've always wanted a drone, but prior to this model they were all large and time consuming to set up, I always questioned whether or not I'd bother with it having to carry it in such a large bag, so I didn't, I decided against it. Until DJI brought out a new model called DJI Mavic Pro, this thing is tiny! The arms fold in and you could literally fit it in a coat pocket, yet the camera and the way it flies takes no hits in terms of quality. I decided that this would be ideal to take photos of peoples wedding venues, and in some cases a group photo too, and if not at least I've got a new toy...

The drone is now included in one of my new packages for 2018 so I'm seriously looking forward to using it at weddings!